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Las Cantigas de Santa Maria

Medieval Manuscripts are special places to discover our history. Las Cantigas de Santa Maria is one such manuscript to be studied and secure a relationship with.  These texts hold a history of humanity, especially when they are translated into a language one can read and understand.  Due to the help of dedicated scholars over the years, we can read about Las Cantigas de Santa Maria in English. 

Las Cantigas de Santa Maria translates as “Songs to the Virgin Mother Mary”. (Scarborough, 1993).  It has made an impression on me in that in one of its codices, the images of musicians from the courts of Castile and Leon, playing musical instruments, are from three main religious areas: Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim.  They were all playing music together!  This is something in which I celebrate and brings me hope to the world. Music brought different ideologies together! 

The focus of this page will be to talk about various Medieval manuscripts. I will post a new manuscript to discuss as I can, and hope that others will share their knowledge of the manuscript, what it tells us, and reflect on the artistic images that would be excellent art to create in other artistic mediums and out of the book.

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Hi, I’m Julie. Over 20 years ago I learned about the ancient embroidery technique called laid work, and created several dozen patterns for embroidery from 13th century manuscripts, mainly Las Cantigas de Santa Maria. About 13 years after beginning my medieval screen project, I earned two degrees from Emporia State University; a Master of Library Science, and a Certificate in Archives. For ten years I worked as an academic librarian and archivist. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful husband and pets, I love embroidering medieval images and teaching my technique. I also enjoy gardening and various activites with music.

Let’s learn about amazing art hidden in rare illuminated manuscripts!

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