Announcing my new articles!

Hello all. I am happy to announce two new articles that have been published recently, May, 2021. I have them cited below, one is open access, and the other one I have uploaded a pre-print copy. Both articles give more detail to my approach to creating patterns for embroidery based on digital images from historical art work.

Carmen, Julie. 2021. “Makerspaces: Combining Information Literacy with Pattern Design for Fiber Art through Digital Images”. Library Trends 69 (3), Winter, 2021.  Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD.

Carmen, Julie. 2021. “Using Digital Images for STEAM Education and Discovery Through Fiber Art”. VRA Bulletin 48 (1), Spring/Summer, 2021.

By Julie Carmen

Created a medieval screen from repurposed bi-fold doors, window drapes, and some used embroidery floss. The screen is 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall. A way to display page-size embroidered patches featuring medieval scenes.


  1. Very interesting work. I will be in a Digital Media class this fall at Arizona State University and would love to get more in depth with what you are doing.

  2. Hi Nancy! Yes, ask away. My approach is to use digital images, cropped and enlarged through Paint and Word. I use Iron-on-Transfer paper to make fiber copies from the artists of that day. If people can draw, great, however, my intention is to copy the drawing, enlarge, and turn an art drawing from a medieval manuscript, into a fiber patch to display in public, freeing the artists’ drawings from the manuscript and the computer screen. Thanks for following me, Nancy. I look forward to your highlights from your Digital Media class; sounds very interesting!

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