Digital Humanities

The digital humanities has developed over time and encompasses humanities and computing. Digital humanities encourages the curation of artistic mediums in addition to the written word.  One of my favorite curation apps is Pinterest.  I have many Pinterest pages, my favorite one is: Medieval Research.

Digital Humanities has allowed me to mesh the digital drawings from medieval artists, with the technology of today, which enables me to print the images on iron-on transfer paper, thus creating a fiber canvas ready for my needlepoint art.  Without the ability to digitize and move these images onto fabric, the Laidwork patches would have not been possible for me to create. I am most grateful for the ability to capture the images from the historic perspectives of the artists who drew them in these pages.


Digital Humanities includes many areas of study, such as: history, archaeology, music, art, literature, and much, much more. Having many copies of research images and data, gives the prospects of having this information for years to go, when, over time, paper, canvas, paint, etc… erode.


Although electronics can also erode over time, there are Best Practices in place that preserve the data and images, and keep them safe. To learn more about Digital Humanities, check out these resources:

Digital Medievalist

UCLA Center for Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Quarterly

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