Welcome to New Medieval Art!

Hello, my name is Julie. I have created this blog to share with others about the artisans I have found who design their art from historic images. Those images that inspire me the most are from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, but I also find Ancient and Modern images inspiring as well. For this blog, I will be sharing those artworks based on medieval art. On some occaisions, depending on the art, I will share artwork based on other periods in history.

I am a fiber artist and use digital images to create my own patterns for embroidery, and apply laid work, an ancient embroidery process, over the copied digital images applied to fiber. To understand the full story of my process, I present to many conferences and groups, and published a few articles, to help others obtain this delightful pasttime.

By Julie Carmen

Created a medieval screen from repurposed bi-fold doors, window drapes, and some used embroidery floss. The screen is 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall. A way to display page-size embroidered patches featuring medieval scenes.

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