How to Use this Blog


How to use this blog:

NOTE: If you want to stay connected to my blog, you can check the box at the bottom of the page: “Noftify me of new posts by email”.  You can also, if you wish to post, create an account or profile through my blog.  Simply click to post and you will be given directions to create an account. 



This is where most of the posts to the blogs can be found.  However, the ability to post to just about each page is possible.

About Us:

Introduces the blog’s creator and what the blog is all about.


If you are currently working on an artistic project that represents art work from a medieval manuscript, post what your art medium is and your approach to it. This is a place for artists to inspire others.

Digital Humanities:

A brief introduction into this fascinating field of study.


The history of the Medieval Screen, and how it has come to be.


This area is for those to write about a medieval manuscript, where it is located, or where its facsimiles are located, and what history this manuscript represents.


Please read about the copyright laws that are in effect now, especially regarding public domain and images. If there is a law that you feel is missing and quite appropriate for this venue, please share with the bog.


This is the reference list of what has been studies to understand Laidwork, Inkle weaving, and the history of the manuscript used for inspiration.  This list is continually growing, and will be updated once in a while.

Resources: Please add the best resources about the manuscript, copyright laws, or artistic mediums that you feel will help educate this blog community. Also listed under this category are the sites used for images on the seven sliding pages of this blog.

Thank you for your interest in medieval art and history.

Julie Carmen

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